Discover our playful florals, lush vines and fanciful geometric motifs bring resort charm to leisure living spaces indoors or out. Made using durable synthetic yarns for resistance to wear and weather.



Lotus Rugs brings decades of experience and service to the home furnishings space. Our products & materials are meticulously selected for quality, durability, style & comfort. Most of our expert staff was recruited from the floor covering industry bringing a world of experience and are still with us today. Each employee appreciates teamwork and the value of their contribution in achieving Customer Satisfaction. A lean upper management philosophy has afforded us the most efficient and effective means of achieving success for customers and ourselves. Honest Responsible Marketing has enabled us to achieve long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships that will continue to grow as we expand our commitment to the U.S. Market.


Lotus Rugs has dedicated its talents and resources to providing uncompromising quality. We believe there is no equal to the durability, beauty and artistry of rugs. We focus our research and development on creating the highest quality products consumers can buy within a broad range of budgets.



Packaging & Storage

Our rugs are well packed and safely stored in our warehouse.

Warehouse Service

In our huge warehouse we have extended stock avaliable anytime.

Delivery Services

Upon your request we delivery your bulk order directly from our warehouse to your store.


At Lotus Rugs we provide our customers with immediate delivery on over 1500 programmed designs — each in more than 8 sizes and in several color schemes. All are in stock, ready to be shipped at short notice anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves on our reliability in stock position and shipping. In an age of high tech, we have achieved the unique distinction of combining state of the art operations with ages-old standards of quality and craftsmanship.


At Lotus Rugs we offer new designs and unique carpets paired with award winning first-cabin service.

Since we opened our doors, our niche has been a challenging, yet incredibly exciting one – offering only the finest in authentic, art-level unique carpets, coupled with entirely first cabin service.

We specialize in pieces with the most stirring artistry and the greatest compatibility with today’s range of decors. Our desire has always been to provide our clients with carpets that will have a magical effect on their home environments and will bring deep satisfaction on a daily basis. These are solid art investments that often become cherished family treasures.

We hold a central position on the international market as a “first source” buyer, ambitiously acquiring superlative private collections and significant family estates rich in carpets that will literally enrapture the viewer through their great creative depth and exquisite craftsmanship.

We handle a wide range of superbly preserved, oversize (11ft x 15ft to 14ft x 20ft) and palace size art carpets (up to 17ft x 32ft), which are so difficult to find on today’s market. Our inventory of area sizes (2ft x 4ft to 5ft x 7ft ), room sizes (6ft x 9ft to 11ft x 14ft) and runners up to 25ft long offers virtually limitless possibilities.

Operational Excellence

Using our interior design knowledge and property experience we are able to help and guide customers about colour schemes and how to set the “mood” of their environment whether they are looking for light and bright or warm and snug.  

Most importantly, we will put every effort into providing a fabulous new floor for you and will not be happy until you are 100% happy with our service.


As an independent retailer we are able to offer an extensive range of carpets from a wide range of suppliers as well as engineered wood, laminate & sheet and luxury vinyl tiles at prices to suit most budgets. 

Although obviously carpets are our main business there really are some great alternatives and as and when we find them they are added to our range. We are completely independent and as such we can source and choose from everything in the market place.

Team of experts

Our highly professional, vastly experienced staff will make your experience of working with us virtually effortless, whether you visit our warehouse or take advantage of our In-Home Shopping Service.